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Extracting teeth is an art form. Yes it definitely has a component to it which can involve a lot of pressure, which is the most uneasy part of the treatment, but knowing how you’re taking out a tooth, what will be replacing it, and what simply works best it really why you came to us in the first place. You’ll be in good hands and we’ll try to make you as comfortable as we can during the process.

There can be many reasons why teeth need to be removed. A common one is because of tooth decay rendering the tooth non-restorable. Sometimes with baby teeth we need to remove them if they are preventing the eruption of permanent teeth or have large cavities.

Wisdom teeth often need to be removed because of issues they may cause in the future. We are always trying to prevent things like resorbed roots, sinus pain, headaches and large infections.

Sometimes for orthodontics we need to remove teeth so we have room to fit everything into the arch.

In all of these situations there are levels of complexity when it comes to extracting a tooth. In our office, we perform most extractions but in some cases with teeth that cannot be easily accessed and require IV sedation, we may refer you to one of the highly qualified oral surgeons in our area.

Extractions are sometimes necessary if you:

  • Have severe tooth decay
  • Have serious gum (periodontal) disease that can affect oral hard and soft tissues if left untreated
  • Have impacted wisdom teeth
  • Are undergoing an orthodontic procedure that requires removal of a tooth

Safety And Comfort

General Dentistry Limited offers extractions as potential treatment to help patients deal with dental problems. Post operative instructions are always discussed prior to tooth extraction and all questions are answered. With the help of safe and effective anesthetics and sedatives, we are able to provide a virtually painless extraction experience to every patient.